COMET HP – The ultimate solution in high pressure composite cylinders

Amtrol-Alfa, Europe’s largest manufacturer of gas cylinders and a leader in innovation, manufactures the CoMet HP, a high pressure cylinder for industrial gases that represents a lightweight, user-friendly design and achieves a new level of mobility and universal use.

Developed with a HPDE fully dismountable body and equipped with a lightweight carbon fiber reinforced welded steel liner, internal polymeric shock absorber and heavy-duty shock absorbing wheels, the CoMet HP (High Pressure) cylinder from Amtrol-Alfa is capable of bearing impact and drop tests according to ISO11119-4/11117-EN12245 and is lighter than traditional cylinders, weighing only 24.5kgs in its version of 20L (including valve).

A high positioned open wide front handle (including RFID for tracking) allows improved ergonomics and easy and safe use while the wheels provide outstanding portability.

The CoMet HP cylinder offering ranges from 10 to 20L, all at a maximum 300 bar working pressure (450 bar test pressure).


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