Fourtis. Innovation is green.


Worthington Industries (NYSE:WOR) today announced the launch of its first, fully recyclable Type IV composite cylinder for the propane (LPG) industry.

Named Fourtis®, the lightweight cylinder used for cooking, water heating and outdoor grilling was developed by Amtrol-Alfa, a global leader in low pressure steel and composite cylinders that was recently acquired by the Company.
“We are proud to introduce a lightweight, eco-friendly Type IV LPG cylinder,” said Tiago Oliveira, general manager of Amtrol-Alfa. “The Fourtis is made of fully recyclable materials, which is highly valued in the industry because it saves on decommissioning costs and is good for the environment.” Fourtis is a lightweight (5,00 kg without valve), durable, composite cylinder that is wrapped in a customizable, easy-to-clean polymeric jacket with an ergonomic handle. It is demountable, making reassembling easy, and has a lower maintenance cost than steel cylinders.
“Not only is the Fourtis built to last, but it’s also beautifully designed with a fully customizable jacket,” said Oliveira. “With in-mould labeling, a variety of colors and high-definition graphics can be applied and leveraged as a powerful marketing tool for our customers.” The Fourtis is resistant to impact, corrosion and permeability. The cylinder can also be equipped with state-of-the-art microchip technologies, such as RFID and NFC, for precise tracking, fast identification and real-time database assessment which optimize labor and filling costs. “We’re continuously looking for new solutions that allow our LPG customers to differentiate themselves and bring value to the end-user,” said Oliveira. “We believe the new lightweight composite cylinder will deliver the benefits they’re seeking and add to our portfolio of differentiated traditional steel and hybrid cylinders.” The Fourtis can be manufactured according to many construction standards, including ISO 11119-3, EN 14427 and EN 12245, for Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. For more information, click here.