Fourtis®Innovation is green.

Amtrol-Alfa’s Type IV composite cylinder sets out to become the high watermark of its class. Green at heart, the Fourtis® is a fully recyclable product, but doesn’t compromise its quality to save on end-of-life costs. Also built to last, the Fourtis® is a thoroughly resistant product – and not just to impact, but also to corrosion and permeability. All this wrapped inside a customizable, easy to clean and finely designed jacket. The Fourtis® is not just eco-friendly, it’s eco-passionate.

The 'Four Elements' Technology

POLYMERIC JACKET – Featuring finely crafted design, the UV resistant jacket is stackable with compatible cylinders and features ergonomic handles. It is also demountable, making the reassembling easy. IMPACT RESISTANCE DESIGN – A differentiating concept, the innovative design helps to dissipate the energy from physical impacts on the top and the bottom of the cylinder. COMPOSITE LAYER – Between the liner and the cover rests the glass fiber with PP matrix composite structure (fully recyclable), increasing lightness, strength and resistance to impact. POLYMERIC LINER – This polymeric liner with integrated barrier film ensures high impermeability.

Technology and Advantages


  • Fully recyclable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Corrosion free
  • Easy to clean
  • Color variety in customization


  • Saves on decommissioning costs
  • BLEVE free
  • Ergonomic and easy handling
  • Demountable jacket
  • Fully stackable with compatible cylinders
  • Improves company branding


Striving for global acceptance, the Fourtis can be manufactured according to many construction standards, including:


  • ISO 11119-3
  • EN 14427
  • EN 12245

2019 IF Design Award for Packaging

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Green Good Design Award 2019

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Red dot Design Award 2017

Further Information

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