TraditionalInnovation is all-around.

Our Traditional family is numerous. The combinations of diameter, height, weight or volume available make sure any industry demands can be met. The products listed here are just a few among hundreds and can be tested up to 55 bar/800 psi.


Amtrol-Alfa provides polymeric shrouds and soft grip options for traditional cylinders, turning these classic products into ergonomic and differentiated solutions.

Technology and Advantages


  • Rigorous Quality Control
  • Special protective coating provides corrosion and impact resistance
  • Options for ergonomic plastic shrouds and soft grips
  • Integrated welding cells ensure process stability


  • Reliability and precision
  • Durability through heat-treated steel
  • Finishing applied by robotic systems
  • Customizable labeling


See here what’s been written about this product.

"How a steel cylinder can make a change" - SSAB Swedish Steel International NEWS, No 2 - 2008


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