XLITE™Innovation is light.

The lightest and most ergonomic steel cylinder ever manufactured, with millions of cylinders in use worldwide. A thin layer of high strength steel ensures optimal resistance while keeping the weight to a minimum, saving on transport costs. The polymeric shroud provides ergonomic and easy handling for domestic and leisure use. The interior of the cylinder is a bright, clean surface, rendering the XLITE perfect for forklift use.


The innovative, high strength steel provides the XLITE with increased durability, allowing it to be lighter while maintaining the expected cylinder resistance. The polymeric shroud is made out of fully recyclable thermoplastic, and ensures both safety and comfort in handling. Both the shroud and cylinder coating have passed the particularly demanding product class tests.

Design Concept

Ergonomic Handle

Made of reinforced non-slippery thermoplastic material, XLITE’s patent ergonomic handle shape was specially developed to provide total comfort for the end user. Its “easy-to-assemble”, replaceable handle features an innovative design, able to adapt easily to most cylinders, bringing an aesthetic dimension to the product as well as increased comfort and safety.

Technology and Advantages


  • Half weight of standard steel cylinders
  • Ergonomic and easy handling
  • Customizable look
  • Fully recyclable materials
  • Fully recyclable materials


  • Saves on transport costs
  • Affords all comfort to end users
  • Increased company branding options
  • Offers high safety and reliability
  • Perfect for Forklift trucks

Approvals and Publications


Manufactured according to European Standards and certified to European Directive 99/36 “π” Mark. XLITE has already been approved by SGS according to European Directive 99/36 and to European Standards EN14140 and EN14638-3.


How a steel cylinder can make a change. SSAB Swedish Steel International NEWS, No 2 - 2008


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