Interview of Mr. Filipe Pedrosa for WLPG Forum


Amtrol-Alfa, part of Worthington Industries, manufactures cylinders for the global LPG industry. Through a commitment to R&D, Amtrol-Alfa specialises in producing lightweight cylinders, both composite and high strength steel, to meet customers’ unique needs. It’s the world’s #1 producer of lightweight LPG cylinders with a focus on quality, safety and innovation.
1. The Forum Voice: Thank you for taking the time to talk to the Forum Voice. Could you tell us what made you decide to be an exhibitor at this year’s World LPG Forum?
Amtrol-Alfa has been exhibiting at the World LPG Forum for several years. This event is very relevant for the entire LPG industry, as it brings together all the different realities worldwide where we can learn from each other and show the latest innovations.
2. The Forum Voice: What specific products or services will you highlight this year at your booth? Or anything else that you would like to share with the readers of The Forum Voice.
Amtrol-Alfa is continuously looking for new solutions that can allow the LPG distribution companies to differentiate, to innovate and to bring real value to the final user. This has been our track record with our hybrid traditional cylinders, our Type III Composite “CoMet” Cylinder and the XLite high strength steel cylinder.
Now, the 31st World LPG Forum will embrace the launch of the Fourtis, Amtrol-Alfa’s new Type IV LPG cylinder. Green at heart, the Fourtis is a unique fully recyclable cylinder that can be manufactured in very different colors and decorations. Built to last, the Fourtis is a thoroughly resistant LPG cylinder – and not just to impact, but also to corrosion and permeability. All this wrapped inside a customizable, easy to clean and finely designed jacket.


3. The Forum Voice: What message do you have for the repeat and new attendees to the exhibition?
There are a lot of challenges and opportunities in the LPG industry nowadays, so the 31st WLPG Forum is definitely the place to be! The conferences and workshops are good learning experiences. It’s also a great time to engage with current and new potential customers, industry partners and to develop new business ideas and solutions!